Sunday, November 10, 2013

Little Sharing From Me


Islam Unite Me & My Family

Alhamdulillah bcoz of ISLAM i hv been re-unite with my father again, i still remember before i revert the last time i having meals with my father was the time that i still in primary school, after i went into secondary school i don't ever eat together with my father..... i truly done a big mistake, i am the one who create the big gap with my own father, i blind myself up, but since i revert ALLAH gave me a great strength and HE change my life, now when i in my hometown i will try all the time to have meals together with my family especially with my lovely father, i am sorry father, i hurt you a lot......TQ ALLAH coz still give chance to be the son of my father......

2012 CNY Family Photo

Memori Konvo ILDAS 3/2010

Memori Konvo ILDAS 3/2010
Wah Ramainya......Pelajar Baru 7 je, carilah dimana saya.......